Provincial Founding Member Award

Congratulations to Robert Lamoureux, District 7, Windsor-Essex, the 2013 Recipient of the Provincial Founding Member Award!


1.      The RTO/ERO Founding Member Award is presented to an RTO/ERO member in recognition of outstanding voluntary contributions to the work of RTO/ERO at the provincial level.

2.      No more than one Award is presented per year.

3.      To retain the prestige associated with the Award, its presentation is at the discretion of the Provincial Executive, not necessarily on an annual basis.

4.      Current/Past Presidents and Executive Directors are not eligible to be nominated for the Founding Member Award.

5.      RTO/ERO members who are still actively serving in any capacity at the Provincial level are not eligible for nomination for the Founding Member Award.


Districts are invited to submit a nominee to the Provincial Executive who will then make the selection of a recipient for this prestigious award.