President's Pin

An RTO/ERO pin or award may be presented to District Presidents on their retirement from office.  This recognition is made at the Annual General Meeting which is held in the spring. 

2003- 2005 Margaret Clarke

2005 - 2007 Ken Attridge

2007 - 2009 Al Linnell

2009 - 2011 Gord Miall

2011 - 2013 Simone Rickerby

President's Pin to Simone Rickerby

Simone always showed appreciation to other members of the executive board.  Thank-you Simone for your energetic leadership!





Incoming President Judy Bowden (left) presented the President's Pin to outgoing President Simone Rickerby (left).  Judy noted that Simone spent countless hours promoting our social events and working tirelessly for District 7 RTO/ERO.  How many table centre pieces DID you make through the years Simone?