Lenore Graham Award

Lenore Graham Award for Dedicated Service to District 7 Executive


Lenore Graham

In 2010 District 7 celebrated its 25th birthday (1985 - 2010).  In November 2010 our district established the Lenore Graham Award in honour of Lenore Graham (at left) who was instrumental in forming District 7 - Windsor-Essex twenty-five years ago.  This award is given to District 7 Executive Members who have served the District and the Community through leadership and volunteerism.  This award is typically presented at the Annual Fall Luncheon. 

2013 Recipients

Congratulations to the three recipients!  Helen has served in numerous roles - at the local and provincial levels.  District 7 is proud to be her home district.  Freddie Beekhuis brings warm greetings and often warm bread to the persons on her Goodwill List.  Her smile is contagious!  Frank Kapasi has served on the District 7 executive in various roles.  Frank holds the distinction of creating the initial website for District 7.

2012 Recipients - Doran McTaggart, Al Linnell and Marie-Anne Seguin

Two of three recipients of the award in 2012 for their outstanding service were Doran McTaggart and Al Linnell, surrounded by the Awards Committee.  Both Doran and Al has served many years in a variety of capacities at the District level.  Doran has volunteered extensively in the community, notably the Special Olympics and with singing barbershop.  Al has served on the board of the Child's Place and has made countless contributions to community arts, particularly in the area of music. 
The third recipient of the 2012 Lenore Graham Award is Marie-Anne Seguin.  Marie was presented with this award at the 2013 Spring Luncheon.  Marie was district Vice-President and President from 1990 - 93.  Lenore Graham personally invited Marie to become a Provincial member, representing District 7`s bilingual Membership.  Marie  says,"Through the years, RTO/ERO has provided me with a sense of 'belonging' through social and business meetings."


2011 Recipients - Keith Robertson and Mary Mason

2011 Recipients

Recipients of the award in 2011 for their outstanding service were Keith Robertson, Mary Mason and Sheila Wright. In the picture above,  the Awards Committee is presenting the awards to Keith Robertson and Mary Mason.

Among his many contributions to District 7, Keith Robertson has served for many years as treasurer.  In recent years as Pension Chair, he has kept us well informed about pension matters.   Mary Mason has served for many years on the Goodwill Committee.  She has made countless visits to our members in retirement homes and she has tirelessly sent out greeting cards to our members on their special days. 

2010 Recipients - Emily McBride and Ethel Allison

Recipients of the award in 2010 for their outstanding service were Emy McBride (standing) and Ethel Allison (seated).


In Ontario the organization of retired teachers began in 1966. The Provincial Organization, at that time, was known as the Superannuated Teachers of Ontario, STO/ERO, with the province being divided into 10 areas. Windsor-Essex was a unit of Area 4 which comprised Essex and Kent Counties. In 1972, Provincial changed the area designation from 10 Areas to 25 Districts. Windsor-Essex remained as a Unit of the Essex-Kent District 7. The other unit was the Kent Unit.

In 1985 the Windsor-Essex Unit made a motion to Provincial that the units become separate districts. The motion was passed and in 1985 Provincial declared Windsor – Essex and Chatham – Kent to be separate districts. Windsor-Essex became District 7 and Chatham-Kent became District 33.

From 1984 - 1985 Lenore Graham was the president of the Windsor-Essex Unit of District 7. Lenore was also on the Provincial at this time; it was Lenore Graham who made the announcement of the formation of Windsor – Essex District 7 and Chatham – Kent District 33.

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