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Special thanks is extended to our newsletter editors Art Dube, Gord Miall and Maggy Miall for their wonderful efforts in keeping us well informed about District 7 events. Contact Art if you have any comments or suggestions for our newsletters.

If YOU have anything you'd like to contribute to the newsletter contact Art Dube (see the newsletter backpage for contact info). It could be a short story, recipe, news, spotlight about someone interesting, or anything else.



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NOTICE OF MOTION AT JANUARY EXECUTIVE MEETING: That effective with the Summer 2017 Newsletter, all members with email addresses shall receive the newsletter via email and that those members with email addresses still wishing a hard copy may do so by informing the Assistant Newsletter Editor. – moved by GordMiall; seconded by Marg Clarke. Carried. Assistant newsletter editors are Gord and Maggy Miall (519-048-1061;